Silverfish are a very common household pest found across the world, primarily in North America, Europe, and Australia. They are small, wingless insects about half an inch to an inch in length. They have three filaments extending from the rear of their abdomen and two large antennae on their heads.

They are called “silverfish” because they are silver in appearance, but in many cases they are brown, red, or even close to black. They do not take on their silver color until they have molted several times throughout their lives. There are, however, a few species of silverfish that never take on a silver appearance.

What Silverfish Eat

Silverfish eat a variety of common household items containing starch or polysaccharides, which are commonly found in adhesives. Silverfish will eat such things as glue, book bindings, paper, pictures, hair, sugar, breakfast cereals, old clothes, dandruff, and wallpaper.

Another important part of a silverfish’s diet is, of course, water. Silverfish often drink water in order to survive and they are often found in areas containing moisture, such as sinks, bathtubs, and showers.

During famine, it is also believed that silverfish may eat their own kind. However it is also believed that silverfish can go up to a year without eating anything at all.

How To Kill Silverfish

Getting rid of silverfish is not an easy task. They are persistent bugs that multiply quickly and live in places that make them very difficult to locate. They are nocturnal insects and are highly inactive during the day, so you may have to stay up late at night in order to see them.

Even if you squish a few of them now and then, you are making next to no impact on their numbers. For every silverfish you see, at least another 20 lie waiting in the shadows of your home.

In general, to eradicate silverfish from your home you will have to locate the source of the problem, trap the adults, destroy the eggs that lay somewhere out of site, and alter the conditions of your home so that it is no longer an ideal abode for silverfish.

For a complete step by step guide on how to kill silverfish, we strongly recommend the silverfish guide written by Bob Haskins. It provides detailed information on how to kill silverfish without the use of chemicals or the need to contact a professional exterminator.

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