Silverfish Traps

silverfish trapsA number of Silverfish traps are available commercially for silverfish control. The traps work by trapping or poisoning silverfish.

The “Silverfish Trap” is one option.

  • Safe-to-use non-toxic Silverfish Traps.
  • Catch bristletail, firebrats and other tiny insects too.
  • Attractively decorated traps fit into any home or apartment.
  • Small size lets you place them anywhere — along baseboards, even in cupboards containing food.
  • Insects are drawn to natural pheromones. Non-toxic sticky plate holds them till they expire.
  • Disposable and easy to handle — without touching the trapped insects.
  • Lasts 3 months under normal conditions.
  • Sold as package of 6.

    Silverfish PaksDekko Silverfish Paks are another option. These paks contain 20.0% Boric Acid for silverfish control. They are economical and easy to install. The silverfish simple eat through the pak which is a toxicant for the silverfish. Place two to three paks in each infested area. Place in closets, drawers, bookcases, in basement and dark hidden places. Also in areas where silverfish inhabit, under house and in attic if possbible.



    While silverfish traps are useful for capturing adult silverfish, they are not very useful for solving the problem of why you have silverfish in the first place. In order to achieve complete and permanent silverfish control, you will have to prevent their breeding cycles and eliminate moisture from your home.