Silverfish Control

Silverfish are a very common nuisance pest in many homes across the world. This page will provide you with some general tips on how to get rid of silverfish.

General Silverfish Control Strategies

Remove their source of food. This is easier said than done, in most cases. Silverfish eat many things that you simply can’t get rid of easily, such as wallpaper, glues, clothes, and more. Some items, however, you can hide from them. Make sure you make your best effort to clean up and prevent them from accessing as many of those items as possible.

Reduce Humidity Levels. In 90% of cases, silverfish are found in homes that contain high levels of moisture. An important part of getting rid of silverfish is reducing the moisture level. Make sure you do not have leaking pipes or appliances. Some simple things you can do are to run a fan in any areas that are moist, such as under the sink, or leave the bathroom door open after taking a shower to let the moisture evaporate more quickly.

Keep It Clean. A very important part of home pest control in general is to make sure your home is clean on a regular basis. Leaving food out will attract all kinds of pests - such as ants and fruit flies - silverfish are no different. It’s important to maintain a clean house to control silverfish because silverfish can go up to a year without eating anything at all! Keep your place clean and vaccuum on a regular basis.

Using Pesticides and Silverfish Traps

There are also a number of ways to get rid of silverfish using chemicals, traps, or pesticides. Be sure to do your research thoroughly before using chemicals of any kind, especially if you have pets or children.

You should also keep in mind that pesticides and traps will only kill silverfish - they will NOT solve the real problem of why you have them in the first place. The reason you have silverfish in your home is almost certainly because your home provides a suitable living environment for them. They have a source of food, moisture, security, places to breed, etc. Chemicals and traps are a band-aid solution to getting rid of silverfish, but unless you continue trapping and poisoning them as the months and years go by, it is likely that silverfish will return.

For a step by step guide on how to control silverfish, we recommend the following website: silverfish